(above  sentence translated: "culinarical varieties")

delicious, fresh and regional

Who ever comes to the Brackstedter Mühle to wine and dine will surely that we constantly make sure and take care of quality an high standard food what is one reason to achieve a good reputation over years and years all across the region.

The "team of cuisine" creates a tasty and variety choice of food for our guest. They also make sure to buy the best and freshes products at reagional markets and from trustfull suppliers.

The main restaurant:

Dining takes place in different cosy parts of our restaurant. Professional Service with personal touch is handed by Maik Harker, his charming assistent Julia Klein-Schulze and their service team.

The menue contains a 6-course-meal just as a big range of several indidual dishes and a wide seletion of wines.

You prefer a leger pub atmosphere?

Here is our place to be: 

An institution not just for our hotelguests but also for guests from close by or far away is our rustic "Bierdiele".

A special place were Kirsten Horn is runnig a tight ship for more than 10 years now. She knows our regular guest and their individual requests, she also takes care of bowling groups.

And of course she serves the world's best picked pork in vinegar aspik and other pub food.